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The Southern Africa Food Lab was established in 2009 to promote creative responses to the problem of hunger through multistakeholder dialogue and action. The Lab team is one of unprecedented diversity in the region, comprising stakeholders from corporate, grassroots, NGO, academic, and government sectors, all working together to transform the food system from farm to table. Over the past decade the Lab has successfully facilitated collaboration and dialogue, not just raising awareness, but effectively catalysing action to foster innovations and experimental action towards a thriving, just and sustainable food system …Read More

  • Learn ways to bring about a healthier, more resilient and just food system, connect with people shaping the future of food, and discover new insights into our food culture....

  • Worcester was recently the location of a “learning journey” where participants gained first-hand experience of challenges in the town’s food system....

  • In South Africa just over a quarter of the population are still food insecure despite sufficient food being produced at national level, according to the South African National Health and Nutrition Exa...

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One more OPEN Learning Lab begins in 15 min‼️

🖼️Navigating the Complexity of Child Malnutrition in South Africa: The Nourished Child Photo Exhibition➡️

#ANH2022 @scottdrimie @safoodlab @corinnahawkes @foodpolicycity @uct_news

Jane Battersby introduces the photo-based project in South Africa & discusses diverse factors that impact safe food preparation & the importance of community participation

During our Lab on 🖼️the Nourished Child Photo Exhibit➡️


We're in small groups now looking at the 🖼️Nourished Child Photo Exhibition & pulling out key insights during this Learning Lab

Interesting to discuss the role of shop owners, specials/sales, advertising & more


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The Food Lab has drawn on a wide range of sponsors and partners to enable its work over the past 10 years. The main partners are featured below.

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