Webinar: The Crucial Intersection Between Human and Planetary Health

Yesterday (19 August 2020) the Food Lab together with Community Chest co-hosted a webinar considering the link between human and planetary health.

Marcelle Mentor (from Columbia University) highlighted the critical importance of education when it comes to nutrition and noted that food insecurity is not limited to the developing world.

“Education is key to addressing the scourge of hunger,” she said, but noted that education must extend beyond the classroom.

Lisanne du Plessis (Stellenbosch University) noted that poor nutrition and hunger are directly linked to civil unrest. She quoted a person who’d said they’d rather die of COVID than of hunger.

Mkhululi Silandela (WWF South Africa) highlighted the potential of indigenous foods in improving both human and planetary health, noting that such foods are typically nutritious, drought resistant and tasty.

View the full webinar recording here:

Can you have healthy people living in an unhealthy planet?