The Household Food Situation during COVID-19 and the Nationwide lockdown

 PMBEJD |Pietermaritzburg | 8 April 2020 

Observations from the supermarket floor, the waiting lines, the street, the spaza shop, the taxi, the home, the kitchen, the plate and the stomach. 

The attached paper is based on observations and conversations with women in Pietermaritzburg from 19th March to 7th April 2020. Any research from the ground during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown is not going to be as rigorous as it should be. Our observations are limited. We have however tried to get a sense of what is happening and ask women what they are thinking about what is happening and how they are responding, and what the next several weeks looks like. We offer these observations to the public as we think they are valuable. 

View the full paper here.