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In August 2015, the Southern Africa Food Lab and Reos Partners, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), organised a learning exchange aimed at deepening the understanding of the linkages between agriculture and social protection, focusing on lessons and experiences from Southern Africa.


A learning journey is a way of exposing a group of people (who are united in their interest in a particular issue but diverse in their positions and perspectives on that issue) to the current realities, experiences and stories of people most directly affected by that issue. This exposure is

an entry point into a deeper understanding of these realities and into a deeper engagement with one another about how to address these realities. Learning journeys complement more formal forms of research and have the added benefit of galvanising action, especially collaborative action for change.


The purpose of this learning exchange was to facilitate sharing and compiling of lessons learned in the design, implementation and institutional arrangements of linkages between social protection, food security and agricultural-based livelihoods, including good practice in ensuring these interventions equally benefit women and men, focusing on the Southern African region. The learning exchange targeted government officials, academics and development practitioners with the potential to

influence the agricultural and social protection policy sectors of Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.


A total of 25 participants and 12 team members (including staff from FAO Rome, the Southern Africa Food Lab, Reos Partners and an English-Portuguese translator), came together over a period of six days to learn and explore this topic together, in the spirit of peer learning and experiential inquiry. You can read the report about this learning exchange here.


If you are interested in this process and would like to discuss it, please contact the SAFL Director, Dr Scott Drimie on


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