The African Food Fellowship

The Southern Africa Food Lab partnered with Wageningen University & Research and Wasafiri Consulting to develop the concept of food systems leadership from an African perspective for the African Food Fellowship.

The African Food Fellowship is a home for emerging leaders, innovators and practitioners across Africa’s food system. These are people fuelled by an ambition for impact, a hunger for action and an understanding of how to make change happen.


The African Food Fellowship exists to help build a new generation of leaders across Africa, working to shift the policies, power, incentives and investments needed to transform food systems.

The Food System Leadership Programme involves ten months of intensive, tailored learning from technical mentors, leadership coaches and systems-change experts, designed to help participants;


  • build their network of food systems leaders across the continent;
  • gain world-class knowledge of food systems;
  • strengthen skills to lead systems change;
  • culminating with graduation into the African Food Fellowship and a life-long professional association of change-makers.


Across the continent, food systems face urgent and complex challenges: malnutrition, climate change and inequality among many more.


Profound opportunities exist to transform food systems to be fairer, healthier and regenerative. To seize them however, transformational action is needed.

In his reflection on the Fellowship, UWC Researcher, Busiso Moyo, explores African perspectives on food systems leadership. Read his article here.


Prof. Ralph Hamann from the UCT Graduate School of Business then looks at the implications of these reflections for the Fellowship. Read his article here.


Dr Scott Drimie from the Southern Africa Food Lab created a synopsis of the Fellowship reports. Read the synopsis here.


For more information on the African Food Fellowship, visit their official website: