Food and Nutrition

Design Lab

The Department of the Premier, in collaboration with the Southern Africa Food Lab at the University of Stellenbosch recently initiated a process to build strong multi-stakeholder partnerships for the recently approved draft Household Food Security and Nutrition Strategy.


A two-day workshop was designed to give substance to the strategy as it brought together diverse and influential stakeholders in the regional food system. It also aimed to creatively

inspire change in how the province can act on complex challenges pertaining to food and nutrition security. The process brought together over 120 key people from different spheres of government, civil society, private sector and other actors to:


  • Establish specific areas of cross-sectoral collaboration (social innovation) on specific food security projects within the province;
  • Identify a clear way forward to continue building collaboration and partnerships;
  • Elicit high level feedback from provincial officials and other societal actors; and
  • Secure the political support of various provincial departments as well as others with influence in the food system.

Six input papers have been created in line with key identified social innovations which  provide significant opportunities for provincial and local government to pioneer new and effective ways of working with a range of stakeholders.