T-Lab workshops

How do we transform the Cape Metropolitan food system into one which is sustainablie and secure? This is the essential question which has birthed the T-lab; a series of workshops gathering stakeholders from various spheres and

backgrounds in order to imagine ways to shift a system in crisis.


By bringing together a diverse group of actors that are actively engaged in creating alternatives in the food industry, such as restaurateurs and chefs, producers, informal food traders, indigenous food foragers, food scientists, and academics, the T-lab sought to create bridges between people that would never otherwise have interacted.

Hosted by the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems in Transition (CST) and the Southern Africa Food Lab, two T-labs were held last year empowering and informing participants.


Read more about recent T-lab events, here and here.


The next T-lab event is scheduled for 19-21 July. For more information, please contact Dr Scott Drimie.