food lab event

21 Feb 2018 in review

In January, WWF and the Food Lab hosted thought leaders from the finance sector, insurance and investment on a learning journey regarding the nation’s future food system. “The purpose of the day was to give the private sector insight into some of the big changes...

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20 Nov The cook who creates feasts from fynbos

Loubie Rusch grew up chomping on plants characteristic of the Cape Floristic Region. Rich, nutritious, but largely forgotten, Rusch believes that local indigenous plant ingredients may hold the key to restoring damaged landscapes, improving poor nutrition and improving resilience to climate change. Virtually absent from the...

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17 Nov Tiny farms on a large scale

by Ryan Meiring Allan Savory’s theories and beliefs developed and evolved over a lifetime in the field were met, for many years, with resistance. It wasn’t until his TED talk went viral that the scientific community really started to take notice and that his principles for...

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22 Oct Collaborative platforms

As part of recent research conducted by Incite on behalf of the Southern Africa Food Lab and WWF South Africa, a comprehensive global review of health-related collaborative platforms and types of action involving industry participation was undertaken. The review found that industry players across the food, beverage...

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15 Oct An appetite for collaboration

“Public-private collaboration is essential if we hope to effectively address the negative outcomes of our food systems, starting with the nutritional siege our children are under,” says Tatjana von Bormann, Senior Manager of WWF South Africa’s Policy and Futures Unit. This is the key message of...

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